Simple Solutions to help you grow your own!
  • Culti Cave® Mini Greenhouse


    Why the Culti CaveTM?

    A quick, practical solution for extending your growing season for tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, salad greens and more! The Culti Cave Mini Greenhouse fits 3 UrBin GrowersTM, or other growing containers comfortably, and is roomy enough to fit 5.5 ft. tall plants.

    Size does matter: 

    Packed away, the Culti Cave is a mere 21in x 8in x 4in and an amazing 6.5ft x 5.5ft x 2.5ft when erected, weighing in at just over 6.5lbs. What, not big enough you say? … No problem – the Culti Cave has a door at the rear that can be simply unzipped allowing you to connect a second, third or even fourth Culti Cave should you desire. That’s right, you can make this modular solution as large or small as you want!!

    Easy to use, Easy to store:

    Quick and easy to assemble, the Culti Cave folds up for compact storage and includes a tie-down cord and ground anchors.


    • UV resistant plastics

    • Expandable with multiple units

    • Compact storage when not in use

    • Carbon Fiber Rods