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  • Frame It All Stack and Extend Veggie Wall


    Product Description

    Create the perfect growing conditions for vining plants and increase your available growing area by 200%! Make the most of your garden when planting crops like tomatoes, peas, beans, and cucumbers which can take over your garden quickly and become a jumbled mess, leaving your vegetables susceptible to rot, mildew or neglect.

    The Frame It All Stack & Extend Veggie Wall frame is made from durable stainless-steel and the nylon mesh is strong enough to support heavy fruits and vegetables like beef-steak tomatoes, cucumbers or melons.

    Harvesting and plant maintenance are a breeze. No crouching or bending necessary when tending to or picking your plants.

    As shown, your Veggie Wall contains two 4ft x 6ft hinged panels providing 48 square feet of trellis area. The hinged panels allow you to use fully extended to a width of 8 feet, or angle on a corner. With multiple kits you can stack an additional 6ft high for a total height of 12ft, or extend the width in 8-foot increments.

    The Veggie Wall can also be used to create privacy screening. In many newer townhome or subdivision complexes there is little to no fencing to create a sense of your own private space. Enjoy backyard entertaining this summer without feeling like the whole neighborhood is watching you. For this application, fast-growing flowering vines like clematis, morning glory, or scarlet runner bean will create coverage (and beautiful flowers) in no time.

    Did you know? Vertical gardening makes it easier to water your plants properly (and potentially less often). Since your plants are not sprawled on the ground, the water you supply will go directly into the soil, rather than sitting on top of the leaves (potentially scalding them), before the water ever reaches the roots. Keeping water off your vegetables is also important to prevent rot and diseases like powdery mildew.

    Easy to disassemble and store if you choose to remove during the fall and winter months.