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  • Glacial Rock Dust 20lb.


    Benefits of Glacial Rock Dust
    Glacial Rock Dust isn’t just for vegetable gardens.  It can also be used in flower beds for increased number and size of blooms, and healthier growth.  Glacial Rock Dust will improve root structures of trees and lawns as well. The mineral nutrients in Glacial Rock Dust work with the soil rather than against it like chemical fertilizers, building healthy soil full of plant‐available nutrients and life. 
    Glacial Rock Dust is an excellent source of readily available calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium plus trace elements and micronutrients. 
    Glacial Rock Dust improves soil structure, moisture holding properties, nutrient availability and bacterial action.  Minerals contained in Glacial Rock Dust are an essential part of the soil food web.
    How to use Glacial Rock Dust
    Glacial Rock Dust should be applied during the spring once per year, but can be applied seasonally for intensive growing.   
    Transplanting and pre‐mixing soil for potted plants:  8 tablespoons into 1 gallon of soil or growing medium.
    Top dressing potted plants:  4 tablespoons per 1 gallon of soil or growing medium.  Apply up to once per month or as desired.
    Composting:  Mix liberally into compost pile or bin as microbial enhancer during processing.

    Dimensions:  9" x 5" x 5"