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  • Metro Grower™ Elite, 6 gallon, 2 pack sub-irrigation growing system with amendments


    The Metro Grower™ Elite 2 pack provides endless organic vegetables by facilitating growth using all natural soil amendments and a sub-irrigation watering system utilizing a self-watering reservoir.  Simply mix in the amendments with your soil, plant your vegetables, and wait until the roots are long enough to dip into the reservoir. You'll never have to worry about over or under watering again! This configuration has 2 Metro Growers in one box. 

    Package includes: 
    2 Growing Container
    2 Soil Separator
    2 Watering Tray
    2 Set of seed trays
    2 1.75-gallon bag of dry, screened coir container trace minerals
    2 gallons volcanic pumice
    2 cup vermicompost
    2 1.3 cups SoilKey
    2 brick of coir mulch
    2 bag mycorrhizae
    Instruction Manual and DVD
    Warranty card


    Made in the USA of recycled materials. 5 year warranty

    Growing Container Size: 16"x16"x9"

    Each Growing Container Volume: 6 gallons

    Saucer Size: 20"x20"x2"

    Saucer Water Reservoir Capacity: 1.5 gallons

    Shipping Size: 20" x 20" x 12"

    Shipping Weight: 25#