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  • Nature's Footprint's Soil Separator – 17.5”- 2 pack


    What is a Smart Soil Separator?

    The Nature’s Footprint Smart Soil Separator allows you to convert any garden pot into a sub-irrigation watering container. Simply place the separator in your pot and add a saucer to create a water reservoir with wicking chambers. Your pot can now manage its own water needs! Simply keep your saucer full of water, and the soil will draw the water up using a wicking action.

    Why is adding air space important?

    The Smart Soil Separator provides significant air space in the bottom of the growing container. Oxygen in the soil helps plants take up water nutrients, and promotes healthy growth and plant vigor. The air space created by the soil separator stimulates development and prevents the roots from circling.


           Creates needed air space

           Prevents circling roots

           Converts garden pots into a sub-irrigation watering container

           Great for both indoor and outdoor potted plants

           Made in USA


    Technical Details/Specifications

    Smart Soil Separator 17.5” – 2 Pack

    ·    Boxed Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 8”

            Shipping weight:  5 Pounds


     “Circling roots (in potted) plants have difficulty getting enough water and nutrients, shortening plant’s life span.”

    -    Oregon State University


     Pruning Circling Roots

    “Circling roots are ‘burned’ off or pruned when exposed to air, caus­ing the plant to constantly produce new and highly branched roots.”

    -  Washington State University