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  • Olivine - 20lbs rock dust


    Olivine is another type of volcanic rock. It is classified along with basalt as mafic, meaning that the dust will be high in magnesium and iron. Unlike basalt, which typically has around 2-3% magnesium, olivine will have composition percentages upwards of 50%.

    This dust should be used sparingly and for the express purpose of adding magnesium to a potting mix or garden soil. The magnesium, along with the other trace elements will release slowly and does not easily leach away.


    • Steady release of iron and magnesium. • Strengthens plant cell walls. • Long term improvement of specific element deficiencies. • Increases pest and disease resistance. • Enhances cation exchange capacity. • Environmentally friendly, Non-Toxic. • Excellent source of macro and micro nutrients. • Increases plant vigor.


    Garden & Landscape:

    Up to 5 kg (11 lbs) per 10 sq. m. (100sq. ft.) Gently dig into the soil surface up to once per year or as desired.

    Top Dressing hanging baskets, potted plants and planter boxes:

    60 ml. (4 Tbsp) per 2L (.5 gal) of soil or growing medium. Apply up to once per month or as desired. Gently dig Olivine Rock Dust into the soil surface where possible.


    Mix liberally into compost pile or bin as microbial enhancer during processing. Also mix with any finished compost to improve mineral balance. Transplanting & Pre-

    Mixing Potting Soil:

    Thoroughly mix 60 ml. (4 tbsp) into 2L (.5gal) of soil or growing medium prior to planting.