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  • Pro Butterfly Pollinator - 4ft. X 8ft. Rectangle (1 Inch Profile)

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    Product Description

    Create a safe and desirable ‘way station’ for any butterfly passing through your region with the Monarch Migration Station Pro Butterfly Pollinator. Using our specially formulated seed mat (included with kit), cultivate a milkweed oasis within Frame It All’s unique 4 ft by 8 ft. Step Garden design. Attract even more butterflies by creating an ‘outdoor’ garden on the lower step. The greenhouse roof can be used initially as a cold frame to help plants get started early in the season. Once your garden is grown, install the professional-grade Pro side-walls and protect your oasis with our UV-protected roof. The Greenhouse Roof’s windows can be opened or closed to allow for incoming or outgoing travelers. Pollinators give us the food we eat every day. Milkweed and nectar is the least we can do!

    • Step raised garden design makes it easy to build dual gardens which address both critical seasons in the monarch’s migration cycle.
    • Pro side walls are constructed from the same material professional butterfly experts seek out. 
    • Greenhouse roof doubles as a cold frame for early and late season plant protection.
    • Seed mat includes milkweed (the only plant monarch’s will lay eggs on) as well as other pollinator plants.
    • Frame It All’s patented stacking joint allows for installation on hard surfaces (such as rooftops, patios, or decks) and soft surface landscapes.

    Kit Includes

    • 4x4 Raised Step Garden: 1 inch profile
    • Greenhouse roof with Pro sidewalls
    • Monarch Butterfly attracting seed mix — including milkweed and nectar plants.