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  • Worm Factory® 360 With Worms

    Easily make valuable organic compost/fertilizer using the power of worms and do your part in saving the landfills. Includes 4 trays and can be expanded to 6.


    •     Utilize kitchen scraps including coffee grounds and filters, vegetables, fruit (no citrus) and household trash like paper, dryer     lint, and cardboard including egg cartons
    •     Odorless
    •     Made in USA out of food-grade plastic
    •     Durable: 5-year limited warranty
    •     Thousands of 5-star ratings

    What’s Included

    • Everything you need to easily set up your Worm Factory 360

    • Instruction manual

    • Exclusive electronic access to 84-page illustrated booklet on composting with worms – a wealth of information compiled by the makers of the Worm Factory 360

    • Accessory Kit – includes small items like rake, scraper, and thermometer to help you manage your worm bins

    •  includes a redeemable card for a pound of worms! Only available within the continental US and Alaska!


    Technical Details/Specifications

    □      Shipping size: 18” x18” x 15”

    □      Full expansion16” x 16” by 24”

    □      Shipping weight: 15 pounds


    It's a wonder using the Worm Factory to teach kids that most of what they have in life can be recycled.


    -  Susan W., Poplar Road Elementary


    This product is a wonderful addition to anyone practicing organic gardening. The worm castings are easy to harvest and are a priceless addition to flower pots.


    -  Gretchen B., National Gardening Club


    Absolutely no smell or mess. I have mine in the kitchen! It's great to have the worms at work all winter in NE New York, and not have to schlep the compost to the pile, awaiting the spring thaw. I love this product!


    -  K. Kotarski, National Gardening Club


    I have had the product working for a couple of months now and love it. Based on design, ease of use and appearance, I have recommended this product to several fellow gardeners. I have always thought I did a good job recycling and composting, but this has raised that to a new level and I now use items such as newspaper and paper towels for my worms that would either been recycled or thrown in the trash. Coming up with food "recipes" is quite fun.


    -  Sue F.